Property description

The offer comprises the development area with a group of ten heritage townhouses numbered 1 to 10. The investment-designated lot totals 4136 m² in area, including built-up land of 1172 m² measured by building enclosure, and 2964 m² of the adjacent backyard. The gross floor area of the buildings adds up to 3300 m².

Houses numbered 1 to 8 are 5-storey high, each topped with a loft space. All of them form a single building sharing a common circulation area and a spacious hall, with water and waste water installations available on each of the five floors. Townhouses numbered 9 and 10 are 6-storey-high and also share a common circulation area and lobby.

The entire complex of houses 1 to 10 has a basement, their main entrances open onto Długi Targ (Long Market), and back doors onto the backyard. The site is accessible to vehicles from Ławnicza Street and Mieszczańska Street, both fully developed and hard paved.

Considering the location in the city and the valid Local Spatial Environmental Plan the property is suited ideally for e.g. a high-class hotel. The backyard incorporated in the offer creates additional opportunities for expanding the buildings and adapting the property to the needs of the prospective investor.



Lech Walesa International Airport – 15 km

A1 Motorway – 10 km

Main Railway Station, Gdańsk – 1 km

National Road No. 7 (Gdańsk – Warszawa – Kraków)0,5 km

        National Road No. 1 (Gdansk – Torun – Lodz)0,5 km

Ferry Terminal, Gdansk – 9 km

        Ferry Terminal, Gdynia – 30 km

Public transport:

Bus, tram – 0,4 km

Fast Urban Train – 1 km